Tuesday, May 01, 2007

How Sinful Are You?

How Dirty Are You? Take the Test.

Unsure of the difference between a libertine and a libertarian? Then this test will help you.

Note - if you score less than 500, you are probably an IT Consultant rather than an adult porn producer or lap dance owner, watching Pirates of the Carribean is the closest you will get to being a pirate, shagging Keira Knightley or cruising your yacht in the Bahamas, Hayek is a thinker not a busty Mexican, Popper is a writer rather than something you sniffed in your teens, you swap stamps rather than wives, and you favour low taxes because the private school fees are beginning to bite, as opposed to it freeing up more cash for injecting a $900 cocktail of mind-altering drugs.

Me - 600 quid

Via Devil's Kitchen