Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Attacks on Jews up sixfold

Remember the warnings from police and Muslim community groups issued nanoseconds after each terror attack, that law abiding Muslim citizens must not be targetted for revenge attacks?

Well, they're not.

But Jews are.

Australian Jews keep count of anti-Semitic incidents, month by month, state by state. Jeremy Jones, the longstanding record-keeper and immediate past president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, says the usual monthly average is about 25. In July he received 141 written reports of attacks, and they’re not all in yet.

Jewish students at Sydney University, who identify their faith with religious skullcaps, have been attacked and have been forced to cover their heads with baseball caps as a result reports the Telegraph.

Update - and now it's happening in the U.K.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

BBC - guide to terror reporting

In order to help with the ongoing staff cutbacks at the BBC, i offer some helpful advice.

The next time there is a terrorist atrocity, simply issue the following statement and fill in the blanks. Easy. No expensive-on-the-ground reporters needed.

"Following the murder of a Jewish rabbi/torching of a synagogue/blowing up of diners in a cafe (insert atrocity here), Inspector Very P.C. Knackered of the Yard reminded the general public that there is most certainly no global jihad-to-see-here. There is absolutely no reason to suspect Islamic terrorism insisted Knacker, as it could just as likely be those pesky Presbyterians again.

Muslim group MPAC/JihadisRUs/Deathtotheinfidel.com/ WotHolocaust? (insert name of moderate Muslim community group here) vigorously condemned the attack but went on to blame Tony Blair's foreign policy/Israeli pigs/Katrina/Bono/Peaches Geldof/(insert excuse here) for poisoning the minds of young Muslim men and called for the immediate implementation of Sharia Law to provide Britain's youth with moral fibre/make their wives do more chores (insert benefits of Sharia here)."

BBC editors - it doesn't matter if P.C. Crap didn't actually say this, because he almost certainly is about to.

It also doesn't matter if a Muslim community leader hasn't blamed Tony's foreign excursions, since by the time you've nipped out for a coffee and a fag (not that sort obviously), he will.


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Six year old twins pass GCSE Maths!

Two six year-old twins from Waltham Forest, northeast London, have just passed GCSE Maths.

Having studied for the exam for twelve months at a Saturday class, Peter scored a Grade G and Paula an F.

And who said GCSEs were being dumbed down?

The Times