Monday, May 21, 2007

Are You Smart Enough to Become an Aussie?

Would you pass the Australian Citizenship Test?

Some sample questions. They are actually multiple choice questions, but that would be too easy for PG readers. You need to score 60% to become an Aussie.

1. Which colours are represented on the Australian flag?
2. Indigenous people have lived in Australia for
3. What is Australia's national flower
4. Australia's political system is called a...
5. What is the capital of Australia
6. Which animals are on the Australian Coat of Arms?
7. Where did the first European settlers to Australia come from?
8. Who is Australia's head of state?
9. Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia?
10. What song is Australia's national anthem?
11. What do you call the elected head of a state government?
12. Which federal political party or parties are in power?
13. What does Anzac Day commemorate?
14. In what year did the first European settlers arrive?
15. How many states are there in Australia?
16. What is Australia's biggest river system?