Thursday, May 24, 2007

Amnesty International Loses the Plot

Amnesty International has lumped John Howard alongside Robert Mugabe and Sudan's President Omar Al-Bashir in a report which says they are short-sighted fear-mongers dividing the world.

They accuse Mr Howard of portraying asylum-seekers as a threat to national security, they criticise Australia's role in the war on terror and its treatment of female victims of violence.

Amnesty secretary-general Irene Khan says the fear generated by leaders such as Mr Howard "thrives on myopic and cowardly leadership."

The Howard government, according to Irene, also apparently has an "appalling'' domestic human rights record over its treatment of asylum seekers and indigenous people. Ms Khan said she was pleased confessed terrorism supporter David Hicks was back in Australia, but he never received a fair trial in Guantanamo Bay.

In a display of blatant political partisanship, Ms Khan finished her tirade by urging Australian voters to think about giving others a "fair go'' at this year's election.

Just how much further can the international standing of this once wonderful organisation fall.

And no, i don't mean the Howard government!

Update; Amnesty's dirty little abortion secret is revealed over at DogFightAtBankstown