Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Aboriginal Welfare Is The Problem, Malcolm

"At present the welfare system provides unconditional income support to young people once they leave school. It immediately provides an easy option to young people: you don't have to undertake further education or gain skills or work, because you will receive an income regardless. We have to end unconditional welfare payments."

Head of the Cape York Institute, Noel Pearson, speaking in November 2004 on the subject 'When Welfare is a Curse'

"If there are going to be resources of the sort Canada has employed, and believed to be necessary and believed to be justified, you can't say it's just the states' responsibility. It's Australia's responsibility."

Speaking yesterday, former prime minister Malcolm Fraser calling on the federal government to pay compensation to members of the Stolen Generation of indigenous Australians.

Malcolm, isn't this the exact polar opposite of what Noel Pearson is saying? How much more evidence of the destructiveness of unconditional Aboriginal welfare payments do you need?

And all just to assuage your white man's guilt.