Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sharia Law in action

Welcome to Sharia Law.

Coming to a Western town near you very soon.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Something extraordinary is happening in England

The government has just released information on National Insurance numbers granted to foreign workers, reports The Guardian. The numbers are simply astonishing. They represent the single largest change in England's ethnic mix in its recorded history.

In 2004, 439,000 foreign workers were issued with U.K. work visas. In 2005 that already breathtaking number had jumped to 662,000. This out of a total working population of some 30 million.

Most of the increase originated from the new EU members: Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia. In fact, Poland has now produced the largest ever single national group of entrants.

The government has massively underestimated the scale of eastern European migration. In 2003 a Home Office Study predicted that just 13,000 people would arrive each year from the new EU countries. Other EU countries were a little smarter and restricted the ability of these people to seek employment. In fact, only the U.K., Ireland and Sweden permitted full access to their jobs market.

The new arrivals are not spongers. Quite the reverse in fact. Only 3% claimed benefit last year and anecdotal stories abound of these workers putting the local population to shame with their work ethic.

Next year Romania and Bulgaria are set to join the EU with 30 million citizens between them.

This 'open door' policy on immigration may be great for today's middle classes (as the cost of lattes, cleaners and nannies are kept low) and for Business (wages are being kept below the rate of inflation by the arrival of so many skilled workers), but it is dire for the skilled working class who have seen their wages massively depressed and their jobs become more unsecure. Additionally, there are signs that the economy just cannot accommodate so many new workers and unemployment has risen by 120,000 over the past 12 months.

The effect on the local environment of the South-East is perilous. Despite average rainfalls within historic norms, there is an acute drought in the South-East. Accommodation is in short supply pushing prices above affordable levels for most workers.

There is only one MP brave enough to speak out. Frank Field made the prescient warning that "it is only because the BNP are so inept that the debate has not taken off."

If the mainstream parties do not address this issue, it will not be long before someone comes up with an ugly solution.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

How SuperNanny would deal with Islamists

As any good parent knows, there are five ways to deal with bad behaviour from children. Maybe the same should be applied to the hysterical wailings of the Islamists.

They are, in increasing order of effectiveness

i) Appeasement - "oh little Jonny doesn't normally behave this way, he must be feeling a little low. What can we do to help you Jonny? TV? Playstation? more crisps? Oh please dont say that Jonny, why are you mad at mummy?"

Causes of parental appeasement; guilt (often as a result of absence), weakness
Result; bad behaviour increases in both the short and long term

ii) Angry retaliation - "shut the fuck up Jonny. If you ever do that again i swear i'll kill you" Result; immediate cessation of bad behaviour but serious problems loom longer term as vengeance is planned

iii) Ignore - say nothing, do nothing
Result; bad behaviour persists in the short term but less likely to be repeated.

iv) Ridicule - "look at little Jonny. What a temper tantrum! What a baby! Would you like some milk little baby?"
Result; immediate cessation of bad behaviour but seething resentment builds

v) Deal with bad behaviour on the spot and appropriately punish - "Jonny - that is not acceptable. If this persists, you will not be going to football on Saturday"
Result; bad behaviour stops, child realises he is in the wrong and is less likely to play up again, parent retains moral authority and respect.

The best overall approach is to use (v) most frequently with sprinklings of (ii), (iii) and (iv) thrown in. Maybe Jo, the SuperNanny on Channel 4, should be commissioned to do a new series on "Dealing with Islamists - helping Western governments become better parents"


Thursday, July 06, 2006


"I'll keep my cool...i've been kicked a few times in the tournament and i'm sure it will happen again on just have to get on with it and play your game. Above all, you have to stay cool."

Wayne Rooney
The Sun - Friday June 29