Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Christian Aid; Idiots

Once again, Christian Aid completely misses the point.

The effects of climate change could make at least one billion people homeless between now and 2050, says the charity Christian Aid. The group expects climate change to deepen an already worsening global migration crisis, the most urgent threat facing poor people in the developing world. In a report, by John Davison, the charity says it fears the wave of migrations will generate new conflicts in areas of the world where resources are most scarce.
Countries most at risk are Sudan, Colombia, Uganda, Burma, Sri Lanka, Mali

The charity points out that most of those on the move will have to remain in their own countries as internally displaced people with no rights under international law and no voice - in many cases their lives will be in danger.

Christian Aid is calling for "a stronger, braver response" by the international community if the worst effects of the crisis are to be averted.

John, you complete moron, the global migration crisis is not caused by SUV drivers, but by

i) people desperately trying to flee corrupt and despotic governments

ii) a population explosion in the developing world

You may as well blame global warming for the sinking of the Titanic.

John, if you want an example of a 'stronger, braver voice', then look here. If only African governments would follow Howard's brave lead.

Is it any wonder that organisations like Christian Aid are completely irrelevant?