Saturday, May 05, 2007

Adorable Little Rodent-o-Sphere Blog Round Up

Ten of the week's best posts from the outer reaches of the blogosphere.

i) Following the ALP's decision to force employers to hold jobs open for up to 24 months, fleeced asks the obvious question 'Why Employ Women' at all. i can only assume that none of the ALP have ever tried to run a small business.

ii) Very thoughtful (and sad) post from Ruthie Zaftig on the pernicious influence of the hip-hop lifestyle on black youth.

iii) Nancy Reyes, a retired doctor living in the Philippines, provides instructions on how to get from London To New York using Google Maps. A peach of a blog.

iv) A comprehensive and informative post by YouDontKnowMe on multiculturalism and immigration in the UK. As controversial as it is interesting.

v) Aussie Dave at IsraellyCool speculates that the Bob Woolmer murder investigation may be taking a predictable turn.

vi) The Last Ditch identifies the twin causes of crime - (a) criminals and (b) Guardianistas who hold 'society', not criminals responsible.

vii) Bishop Hill has the solution to Global Warming.

viii) The Pub Philosopher counters the 'hang the paedophiles' brigade with some common sense.

ix) Popovich at Tao of Defiance warns of the upcoming Car-BQ season in France following the likely Sarkozy victory.

x) Elle Seymour has an interesting piece on Israeli nuclear whistleblower, Mordechai Vanunu, asking hero or traitor?