Monday, March 05, 2007

Teapacks - Push the button (Eurovision 2007 Song)

Eurovision Song Contest organizers said yesterday they might ban this year's Israeli entry, Push the Button, because of its 'inappropriate' political message. The song, to be performed at the contest in Helsinki in May, overwhelmingly won Israel's competition Wednesday. It is sung in English, French and Hebrew by the group, Teapacks, and seemingly refers indirectly to Iran's nuclear ambitions and its hard-line leader, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Said Kjell Ekholm, a contest organizer

"It's absolutely clear that this kind of message is not appropriate for the competition. We'll have all the delegation leaders here in Helsinki next week, and I'm sure we'll talk about this case within the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) group."

Band members describe the ban as absurd claiming it had nothing to do with Iran.

"The lyrics of the song refer to demonic and crazy rulers, and say that he's gonna blow us up to ... kingdom come,"

This is their MySpace page.

"Us Jews have always excelled at black humor to get through tough times. I'm glad to see the tradition continue, but I would rather the necessity of it disappear. "

So what's the sound?

"Nerdy Jewish Apocolyptic Cabaret Rap."

"Kurt Weill meets IDF Hip Hop Metal"

So why are Eurovision trying to ban the song?

i) It can't be because songs about the bomb are banned because

In 1982 a Finnish band entered with a song against the neutron bomb and was allowed to compete. The 1982 Eurovision Song Contest took place in Harrogate's Conference Center and was hosted by Jan Leeming. 18 countries participated, Finland came last with a protest song against neutron bombs

ii) It can't be the political lyrics because

The lyrics and premise behind the 2005 song by Green Jolly, of the Ukraine, speaking about the Orange Revolution, were overtly political.

Here are the lyrics - preprare to be outraged, scandalised, shocked horrified etc etc

iii) Is it cos they is Jewish?

Lyrics to "Push the Button"

Prepare to be outraged, scandalised, shocked horrified etc etc

The world is full of terror

If someone makes an error

He's gonna blow us up to biddy biddy kingdom come

There are some crazy rulers they hide and try to fool us

With demonic, technologic willingness to harm

They're gonna push the button

push the button push the bu push the bu push the button

Il ya plein de souffrance

Dans les rues il y a trop de violence

Et on a beaucoup de chance d'être vivant même pas blessés.

Avancement tactique de régime fanatique

Situation tragique qui me met les larmes aux yeux

And I don't want to die
I want to see the flowers bloom

Don't want a go capoot ka boom

And I don't want to cry

I wanna have a lot of fun

Just sitting in the sun
But nevertheless
He's gonna push the button

push the button push the bu push the bu push the button


messages blow up on me

missiles are flying and fall on me too

cops and thieves run over me

jump on me, stick to me

god, god answer me god

this nightmare is too long

(In hebrew israeli style)

im hardly alive yet everyone is targeting me

it may be to early to sing that I gave you my life

wiw wiw, police

wiw wiw rescue team

here it is in the pre (pre eurovision), a song without (that is not about) peace.

red is not just a color, its more like blood

again I hold my breath in my heart

so my soul does not depart now

here is war, here is the soul

boom boom that's whats going on

between a rocket & matchet, between a witness & reporter

between scandal & abducted, between the rain and the drought

escalation getting up the stairs and catching a ride

nothing, nothing that's what everyone does

extremists push further and officers become serious

the naives are waiting, waiting for the data

and reply: everyone is helplessly hesitant

a demonic world sees us as a chess pieces

as champions with (casino) chips deciding what will be

conducted stagnantly, a boat full of water

everyone is drinking and toasting, drowning side by side

might this be too pungent, should sing a song of palms, a desert song without flags

Im still alive alive alive and if it keeps being terrifying

only then I will say

I'm gonna push the button

Via Kesher Talk and Andrew Landeryou