Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday funny

Having an affair at work? Need a solid alibi? Then call these guys.

Alibi Network is a cutting edge full service agency providing alibis and excused absences as well as assistance with a variety of sensitive issues. We view ourselves as professional advisors who understand our clients’ unique situations. We explore various approaches with our clients and implement the best solution based on each individual case. We understand your need for privacy and we are completely discreet and confidential

Call in Sick Service.
We provide clients with a cast-iron sickness alibis. We would call a place of your work for you and pretend to be your doctor /dentist or a spouse, etc. and tell your boss that you can’t come in. So you will not have to fake it on the phone!

Having an Affair?
Whether you need to come home late for one or two weeks or for an extended period of time...You can do it now… and best of all… this can be arranged for periods varying from 1 to 6 months or even longer. You can use the cover of being an employee of our partner company. We can send you a job offer letter, invitation to attend career training, employee manual and all other supporting documentation.

Between Jobs and haven't told the missus?
Do you need a new part-time or full-time job so you have a valid reason to be away from home? Are you embarrassed to be unemployed and want to create an impression that you have a job or even own a business? You can use the cover of being an employee of one of our many partner companies. We will provide you with all necessary infrastructure such as business cards, work phone number, email and personal secretary if needed.

Need to buy the mistress some expensive jewellery?

Date not going well?
Our service allows you to set-up a save me from my date phone call at a predetermined time. In this way, we will call you at the time you wish and if your date is not going that great, we will set the tone for an immediate getaway.

Cost; $175. A bargain!