Sunday, March 18, 2007

Clareification - finally in the public domain

So the now infamous version of Clareification has finally made out into the big wide world, courtesy, inevitably, of LGF.

Thanks to fmff for the heads up.

i) Well, yes, it is pretty damn offensive to Muslims, equating them to rapists.
ii) It's also pretty hard on one Calum Davey, President of the Clare Student Union. You remember him? He's the one who decided (in typical Union fashion) to speak for the entire College, saying

"This material does not reflect the views of Clare students"

Quite what this dude has done to provoke the ire of the author remains a mystery

iii) It's not very funny or original.

In short, it's typical of what you might expect from a College student rag. Young student with a few radical ideas in his head, tries to be a bit controversial, ends up going a bit over-the-top and making a complete tit of himself, causing offence to all and sundry.

Clare Senior Tutor, Dr. Patricia Farsa, called the publication "abhorrent". Having seen it, i'd have to agree with her.

So were they right to instigate disciplinary proceedings against him?


And i'm a passionate believer in free speech. There's freedom of speech and there's downright fucking rudeness. For me, this is the latter.

Disclaimer; i was the subject of a Disciplinary Committee during my time at Cambridge and very nearly got sent down. My offence was far, far less significant in my obviously biased opinion.

Update; Steve at the Pub Philosopher posts that

the college disciplinary hearing has taken place and that, although some of the college fellows wanted to expel the guest editor, most were satisfied with making him write an apology. This appeared in the next issue of Clarification. A copy was placed in every college pigeon-hole so that all students and members of staff got one.

Lucky boy.