Thursday, March 22, 2007

More BBC pro-Labour spin

The relentless pro-Labour bias of the BBC continues.

Their excellent Have Your Say forum invites readers and viewers to give their opinions on issues of the day. Today's debate is entitled "What does the Budget mean to you".

The comments are then recommended by other readers to give a pecking order. The BBC chose to highlight this comment on their main article on the Budget,

"A pretty good budget all round...I can't help thinking that a snap autumn election might be on the cards"
Edward, London

The actual most recommended comment is this,

As I am single and in full time employment I expect my taxes - both direct and indirect, to rise to subsidise those who choose to have children they cannot afford and those who choose not to work.

Or Number 2,

If you voted Labour or New Labour or what ever name they use these days, I'd just like to congratulate you on messing up Britain for another year

Or Number 3,

"Free childcare for unemoployed parents extended" Emm.. why? This is a joke.

Or Number 4,

What does the budget mean to me?Well, as a single living, childless, working, beer loving, car driving male, it means its that time of year where I get legally discriminated against!

When asked 'Was the Budget good for you?', the poll results were as follows,

Yes 20.95%
No 58.46%
Unsure 20.59%
14388 Votes Cast
Results are indicative and may not reflect public opinion.

Well, they certainly don't reflect the BBC opinion. How do they get away with this?