Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wrong Girl or Wrong Movie?

In 2000, a teenage girl was raped 25 times by a gang of 14 men in Western Sydney. The rapists, including Bilal Skaf, were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Now a film-maker, Nicholas Hammond, has applied and received government funding of $51,000 to make a film of the rape, called Wrong Girl.

Anita Quigley at the Daily Telegraph asks what new worthy message can such a film send us that we don’t already know? We know the Lebanese Muslim rapists called their victims “sluts” and “Aussie pigs”, telling one,

“you deserve it because you’re an Australian”

Mr Hammond said the film would be

“provocative and highlight the misunderstandings between Muslims and non-Muslims”

Mis-understandings? Gang rape? Not exactly a grey area is it?

“We’re trying to make something that has more global ramifications – particularly between the Muslim and non-Muslim world – and explore the fact there’s a lack of understanding there, which creates conflict”

Anita Quigley believes the film has 'all the hallmarks of absolving the attackers of any responsibility because of religion and/or cultural differences. '

Let's wait and see.