Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sydney to import sharks!

Despite the waters around Sydney containing Hammerheads, Bulls, Bronze Whalers, Makos, Great Whites, Tigers, Blues, Silkys, White Tips, Black Tips, Wobbegongs and Grey Nurses, researchers at Sydney's Macquarie University want to import more of the latter (see photo).

They are kindly considering moving sharks from Western Australia or Africa to the eastern seaboard to replenish grey nurse numbers and "strengthen the gene pool".


However, The National Parks Association today said it was a waste of time to import grey nurse sharks to the NSW coast.

Finally some sense. Because of the risk to swimmers and snorkellers? Err, no.

"...until the government established a marine sanctuary to protect the species, which were being killed due to accidental hooking during fishing activities."

So, protect them first, let their number multiply, and then import them.

The report compiled to the Olympic Committee in 2000 on the risk of shark attack in the Harbour put the risks as 'small'. However, last month a Manly swimming race had to be abandoned due to the unwanted arrival of a Great White Shark.

Not that small then.

Update; a surfer was attacked yesterday by a Bronze Whaler off Bondi beach in a little reported incident. Is there a conspiracy going on here? He was found screaming hysterically on a rock at 4:30 a.m. having been stranded overnight.