Friday, March 10, 2006

Australian opinions

One of the quickest ways to guage the views of my new fellow countrymen is a quick scan of the latest polls. Here are some of the more interesting results from a 9 News poll - (great poll as 'Don't Know' is not an option).

Whilst Her Majesty's hold on the locals is looking tenuous, it appears to be not just us Pommies that they don't like. They not only seem to have a pretty dim view of other immigrants but of themselves too. But they love whales.
They seem happy to let the government lead and seem to want to come down heavily on lawbreakers.
Now to find out about this Sally Robbins..

Love of the Mother Country
Should Australia remain a monarchy? No; 61%
Should 'God Save the Queen' be sung at the Commonwealth Games? 50:50

Love of other Immigrants
Should migrants who don't observe Aussie values be kicked out? Yes; 86%
Are Australia's Muslims being treated fairly by the community? Yes; 76%

The self-loathing factor
Should it be illegal to burn the Australian flag? Yes; 79%
Do Australians show enough national pride? No; 54%
Do you think Australians lack a cultural identity? Yes; 56%
Are we a ruder, more vulgar society than 20 years ago? Yes; 92%

The freedom loving factor
Should the government educate parents on how to raise their children? No; 53%
Do you support a ban on cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in our media? Yes; 67%
Would you support the introduction of an abortion pill in Australia? Yes; 67%
Do you support the introduction of a national ID card? Yes; 56%
Should smoking be banned in motor vehicles? Yes; 61%

Hang 'em, draw 'em and throw away the key
Is life imprisonment a fair penalty for trafficking drugs? Yes; 69%
Do you support the reintroduction of compulsory national service? Yes; 55%
Do you support police use of Taser stun guns? Yes; 81%

Should our troops stay in Iraq? No; 70%
Is Australia better off after 10 years with John Howard as PM? 50:50

The 'No idea what they're talking about' category
Should Schapelle Corby have had her 20-year sentence reinstated? Yes; 43%
Should Sally Robbins be allowed to row for Australia again? Yes; 38%