Friday, March 10, 2006

Germaine Greer - Stop Following Me

I had thought that one of the great benefits of emigrating to Australia was to expunge the execrable Ms. Greer from my mind.

Having categorically stated that she would never return to Australia "until it is an Aboriginal country" (whatever that means - military coup? mass Anglo and Asian population exodus?), she has decided to make an exception for the International Women's Day lunch in the Gold Coast; home of the mother-in-law.

Some of the lunchtime treats served up by Ms. Greer included
- Australian women should trash Holden dealerships
- 4WD drivers 'should be shot'. (Is that incitement to murder?)
- Criticising leading political women, Condi Rice, Hilary Clinton, Cherie Blair (not even Greer gets everything wrong) and Janette Howard

Greer, not a fan of men, but a lover of little boys, has also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in the U.K, despite describing it as "depraved" in a memorable 2001 article. She was evicted early as a result of her deep unpopularity.

Germ - please go back to England.