Tuesday, August 28, 2007

APEC Rally For Free Trade

In September, Sydney will host the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. APEC is an inter-government forum which aims to facilitate economic growth and prosperity, cooperation, trade and investment within the Asia-Pacific region.

A bunch of anti-globalisation and Stop Bush demonstrators plan to march through the city to 'protest against the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. The protest will also call for urgent action to stop environmental destruction and for the defence of workers’ rights.'

The LDP will be holding our own demonstration in Martin's Place on Saturday morning in support of free trade. Free trade (not foreign aid) is the only effective means of dragging the world's poor our of poverty. That is why it is vital. The best defence of worker' rights are free trade and a deregulated labour market. Countries with these two policies in place have the lowest unemployment rates and the highest standard of living.

We are no fans of Bush's disastrous policies in Iraq (though Afghanistan is more complex and certainly a more morally valid conflict), but do not share GreenLeft's view that he is 'the world’s leading mass murderer and climate vandal' nor do we 'reject the idea that non-violence is the only tactic that can be used in the battle against oppression.'

A peaceful demonstration is our aim. We are not violent thugs.

The itinery for the day is as follows:-

Saturday 8th September 2007

9:00am - Meet at the corner of York and Market Street on street level above the post office. This is across the intersection from the North-West corner of the Queen Victoria Building (QVB). There will be a short briefing with any last minute updates.

9:20am - Make our way as a group toward Hyde Park.

10:00am - 11:30am - Take our message of freedom to the people.

Please come along and join us if you share these aims.

Update; these are the type of uneducated children who will be chanting school-yard slogans,

'The Liberty and Democracy Party are a bunch of Australian igno-douches halfway between 1st year economics and their first graduate jobs in the p.r./marketing/banking sector. But they’re not all poorly educated assholes.

Some of them are just assholes.

Anyway, the whole globalisation, workplace slavery, environmental degradation, planetary pollution, exponentiation of inequality, stealing land, killing villages, two-party police state bound by economic monotheism thing is going so badly (obviously) that these fans of John Laws think their mighty voices, tiny minds and hunger for media ops are needed at APEC.

So get along and check them out. Take urine.'