Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Market's Not Working !!!

Terje Peterson commenting on eight ways governments justify intervention:-

1. If prices are low call it predatory pricing.
2. If prices are stable and consistent call it collusion.
3. If prices are lower in some places than others call it a lack of proper competition.
4. If prices are cyclical (e.g. petrol) call it evidence of price co-ordination. And make accusations of greed since the price co-ordinators are so mean as to put prices up at precisely the moment when demand is strongest.
5. If alternate suppliers are plentiful refer to the excessive consumer choice as confusing and inefficient.
6. If alternate suppliers are few then call it market failure.
7. If profits are high call it exploitation.
8. If businesses are failing call it wasteful and complain about job loses.

via Tex.