Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Un-Australian awards of the Year

Friday is Australian Day. To celebrate this momentous day in Australia's history, that weighty political tome, Zoo Weekly, has published their Un-Australian awards of the Year

1. Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Hilali for his comments comparing immoderately dressed women to meat.
2. Germaine Greer for her anti-Steve Irwin comments following his death.
3. Paul Hogan for having "too much plastic surgery".
4. Lara Bingle for encouraging Poms to come to Australia ... and failing.
5. Rio Tinto for sacking workers who looked up internet porn at work.
6. Bowls Australia for banning sherry during tournaments.
7. Guus Hiddink for deserting the Socceroos for more money in Russia.
8. Paul Dundon of Direct Health Solutions who checks workers on sickies are genuinely sick.
9. Shane Warne for suggesting he might coach the English Cricket side.
10. Nathan Fien for lying by saying that his grandmother was born in New Zealand so he could play for their rugby league side.

Nothing to quibble with here.