Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Creeping Sharia in the UK

Heartwarming New Year news! Scott Burgess is back from his self-imposed exile.

His opening post features the loony-toon local council of Wolverhampton which is running black and Asian-only swimming sessions at the local pool on a Thursday evening.

The council claims the weekly periods are for women and children with

"religious or cultural issues which would otherwise prevent them from taking part."

How exactly does one's religious beliefs prevent one from learning the backstroke?

Anyway they continued,

"It is one of the most ambitious schemes in the country and aims to tackle childhood obesity, engage the city's ethnic minority communities and work with children who fear water.

Tackle obesity? Will there be fat-bastard only sessions soon?

Didn't we battle the KKK in America's South and the white racists who ran SA to end apartheid?

Croydon council also recently initiated apartheid swimming sessions but with an emphasis on female only swimming. No race or religious issues they claim. Though the involvement of the Norbury Islamic Academy sugests otherwise.

A Croydon council spokesperson said,

"We are keen to ensure sporting facilities in the borough are accessible to the whole community. We appreciate that certain religious groups, such as Muslims, have strict rules on segregation for activities including sports, so in response to requests from the local community, we have been running these sessions at Thornton Heath Leisure Centre for the past year."

For those wishing to find out more about the delights of Croydon, this website, Croydon is Crap, may help