Thursday, April 13, 2006

Australia's shark conspiracy continues

A while ago i posted that despite regular shark attacks reported by the daily Australian papers, the year-end stats show almost no danger whatsoever. Australia officially owned up to 12 attacks last year. I would put the real number at about 10x that if the last few weeks are a guide.

The carnage continues. "I could feel my foot inside its mouth, his whole mouth was around my foot, and I just knew it was some sort of shark," Luke said from his bed in John Hunter Hospital yesterday. "Then I hit it and it let go and I didn't see anything."

Jesus. I would have passed out from terror. Never mind started a boxing match with it. Fifteen year olds are clearly made of stern stuff round here.

Yesterday, i went kayaking in Middle Harbour in Sydney. It was beautiful. That evening i dropped into the Middle Harbour Yacht Club and picked up the daily notes. I found this; "a fisherman yesterday tagged and released an 8ft Tiger Shark and a 5ft Bronze Whaler. The fisherman stated he had noticed increased activity of sharks within Middle Harbour."

Did he really have to release it?

Meanwhile, animal rights activists are protesting the NSW government's decision to retain its shark net program. The Avalon-based Humane Society's spokesperson, Nicola Breynon said the nets were "crude and unselective and killed a great many sharks".

Yes, that's the general idea Nicola.