Friday, March 07, 2008

Disproportionate Response

Yesterday a group of schoolchildren in West Jerusalem were in class making preparations to celebrate the new month on the Jewish calendar when a Palestinian gunmen walked in and opened fire, killing eight and wounding nine. None were older than sixteen.

The Hamas government described the killer as 'heroic'. Said Hamas spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, "this heroic attack in Jerusalem is a normal response to the crimes of the occupier and its murder of civilians.''

The usual suspects (the EU and the UN) will no doubt scream once again with rage at Israel's forthcoming 'disproportionate response' to this latest atrocity. But how does one even begin to negotiate with a government that calls the murder of 15 year-old school kids 'heroic'?

School kids.

Both the statement from the EU and the UN start with "although Israel has the right to self-defence under international law.." and end with "but Israel is also obliged to protect the civilian population of Gaza."  In case you don't speak Suprantionalese, i'll translate into English - 'Israel has no right to respond in any way whatsoever'.  

Also, what would a 'proportionate response' look like?    Does the EU and the UN therefore think it's acceptable for the Israelis to kill eight schoolchildren in retaliation? After all, that would be 'proportionate'. Of course not. We all know that the Israelis don't target civilians but terrorists.  Yes, it is a tragedy that innocent Palestinians get caught up in the cross fire, but this is because Hamas terrorists hide amongst their civilian population firing hundreds of Qasam rockets on a daily basis, deliberately putting their lives in danger. 

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