Tuesday, December 19, 2006

BPARD - A Pom's worst nightmare

The British People Against Racial Discrimination have reported Tooheys to the Advertising Standards Board over an advert that claims their brand is "cold enough to scare a pom."

BPARD spokesman, David Thomason, claims the word 'pom' is

"every bit as bad as the term n***er".

Err, no, Dave, it isn't. It has no slave connotations nor is it offensive. Dickhead.

BPARD apparently has as committee of 14 and branches in Perth and Melbourne. Dave is, according to Google, a 58 year-old retired gas fitter who emigrated in 1970.

The Human Righs and Equal Opportunity Commission has classified the word 'pom' as inoffensive but would act on the phrase 'filthy pom'.
Dave - fuck off, get a life and get out more. You're an embarassment to your country.

Update; these muppets have lost their case. Nearly as heart-warming as the news that Warney will be retiring.

Update; more here. There's a lot of people who dont like each other on these threads...