Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Perfect Riposte To A Greenie

He may be a pretentious snob and an unmitigated wanker, but AA Gill sure can write,

"But let me tell you, you Peruvian-hatted puritan apostles of grassy nihilism, the single hottest problem facing the planet is not global warming, but the viciously smug fundamentalist prohibitionists of the green movement. Those wholemealy-mouthed ecologists, who devoutly wish to reduce everyone else’s existence to a self-righteous nose-drip probity that never moves more than four miles from the communal yurt, never eats anything that hasn’t been grown in the communal dung and never thinks anything that isn’t collectively miserabilist, are going to destroy life as we know it faster than an equator of traffic jams, a continent of unlagged lofts and a squadron of circling jumbos.

What is stopping vast numbers of perfectly decent concerned folk getting with the programme is the eye-rolling, dismissive loathing of the people yelling at them to get with the programme. Frankly, they would rather go up in smoke than share a tent with you lot"

This was his response, at a literary festival, when asked if he could any longer be considered Green as he uses aeroplanes to travel.

My, i wish i'd thought of that.