Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Bridge Too Far?

Leading leftwing UK blog, Harry's Place, reports on the utterly depressing results of the latest poll commissioned by Channel 4, examining the views of British Muslims on 7/7.

Key Findings

1. 59% believe that the government has not told the whole truth about the 7/7 bombings.

2. 24% believe the government was involved in some way in the bombings.

3. Just 40% believe that the four men identified as the 7/7 bombers were actually the ones responsible for the attacks.

4. Only 21% believe the British Muslim community bears any responsibility for the attacks, though 58% believe that their community is not doing enough to address extremism.

I can only assume that the majority of agnostic, apolitical England will wake up tomorrow morning and conclude that the gulf in trust and beliefs between the Muslim community and the rest of the country has become so large as to be totally unbridgeable.

Sadly, it's a great day for the BNP.

However, i refuse to end this post on a downbeat note. Read this inspiring article in the WSJ that i was directed to by Diogenes Lamp by ex-Jemaah Islamiya member, and now doctor and Muslim reformer, Tawfik Hamid.

If standing against the violent edicts of Shariah law is "Islamophobic," then I will treat her accusation as a badge of honor.

Memo to John Howard, Kevin Rudd, the Australian Muslim community and everyone else - please, please do all you can not to allow this gulf to open up in Australia.

Rachel from North London believes this survey reinforces the need for a full and independent inquiry. She is right.

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