Sunday, February 19, 2006

Police inaction fuels racist support

Islamists break the law and the police stand back and watch. Sound familiar?

That's because it is.

The tragedy of the West's unwillingness to combat violence and law-breaking in the Muslim community, is that it promotes Islamophobia in the non-Muslim population. It also allows young thugs the excuse to carry out criminal activites in the name of Islam.

The police's inaction and the authorities' terror at being "insensitive" are becoming a huge propoganda coup for far-right racist parties. Muslim rioting in Oldham in 2001, saw the BNP gain 16% of the vote. It will happen again.

Antwerp, Belgium 2/06; Moroccan youths go on the rampage and attack reporters. Police ordered to watch.

London 2/06; Muslims displaying placards urging pepole to kill the cartoonists. Police make one arrest - a man angry at the demonstrators' placards.

Les banlieue, Paris 12/05; thousands of rioters burn thousnads of cars for two weeks in the Pris suburbs. Police and fire crew refuse to enter the afflicted areas for safety issues and for fear of worsening the situation.

Sydney, Australia 12/05; police ordered not to enter Lakemba to arrest those suspected of assault due to "sensitivity issues"