Saturday, December 16, 2006

What happened to the Bikini March?

I was looking forward to taking some pics and joining in with the demonstrators last weekend at the Great Bikini march.

The rally had been planned as a protest against recent inflammatory comments (women who get raped are basically asking for it) made by Australia's most senior Muslim cleric, Sheik Hilali. However, the organisers came in for some pretty heavy personal attacks from the media, which eventually forced them to abandon the event. Choosing the anniversary of the Cronulla riots as march day was fairly insensitive to put it mildly.

The rally also looked as though it was going to attract some fairly unsavoury types, namely Stormfront.

"Some people are very powerful -- it would appear that free speech in a tolerant society is not tolerated," march organisers stated on their website.

Christine Hawkins, the rally organiser was interviewed on ABC radio. She was given a fairly hard time by the interviewer.

Slackbastard has lots of info on his website.

This story has much further to run and should allow me to feature plenty more scantily-clad 'uncovered meats'.