Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Parent sues school

Marlborough College, voted the most socially desirable place to study by Tatler, is trying to expel a deadbeat.

Dad claims he's an angel (actually he doesn't) and deserves to stay.

His statement contains the following gems

"I am very concerned that the college is seeking to increase its standing in league tables by removing the less academically talented children.

Correct. Parents are not going to shell out £21,900 a year to have the likes of Rhys slow down their offspring.

"The college say they have almost complete power to remove pupils at their say so"


"I had certainly not realised the relationship between the college and myself was so one-sided"

Well now you do.

The case begins tomorrow in the High Court.

We look forward to seeing whether the rights of a lazy rich kid override the rights of the rest of the pupils.